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Over the last decade, Eric Daniel has worked in the home services space dealing with everything from pest control, to HVAC, to moving and storage, and much more. When looking to purchase his first home, he became frustrated with the lack of valuable content available when it came to one specific category: flooring.

While there was plenty of information available for other home needs, there seemed to be no true expert providing the type of simple, relevant, and informative flooring content that would allow individuals the ability to feel confident when it came to making a decision that could impact their space for years.

Our team here at All Things Floor is committed to doing the research, analysis, and on-the-job work that will allow us to put together the most comprehensive flooring library you could find anywhere on the web. Our goal is to make your life easier by cutting through the noise and arming you with the only the most relevant facts on topics such as flooring types, pricing, installation, and a flooring material’s compatibility with different rooms in your home.

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