Best Eco-Friendly Bamboo Floors

If you’ve been doing your research or have been following our blog, you know there are tons of articles and information related to bamboo floors. One of the most popular topics is related to the safety and eco-friendliness of bamboo floors. You can see everything we have to say on the topic here.

In a nutshell, many of the concerns when it comes to the safety of bamboo floors are related to the use of formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals and/or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the manufacturing process or assembly.

If you are one of those people who is mindful of this but still want to see what options you have to move forward with bamboo flooring for your space, then there’s some good news: there are actually a handful of eco-friendly options that should help to ease your mind and lessen your worries related to this flooring type.

We’ve done all of the research to come up with our three recommendations for bamboo floors. While there are good options outside of the ones listed below, we felt like these stood out from the pack.

Our Top Choice

Green Building Supply’s Outstanding Selection of Bamboo Floors

Why we chose it: First, we’ll start with what this company stands for. For Green Building Supply, everything is about sustainability. The company, which provides much more that just bamboo floors, puts extra emphasis on making sure that they are offering products that are safe for people and the environment.

From products that are non-toxic and renewable to energy-efficient, they have made a name for themselves in the space and continue to position themselves as a trend-setter and industry/market leader. In addition, they’ve been awarded a Best of Houzz award in 2020 for their client satisfaction.

While not a manufacturer of bamboo floors themselves, they’ve curated a selection that sets them apart. When it comes to their bamboo floors, here are the features that each product offers:

  • Non-toxic
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Zero VOC
  • Certified to be safe, durable, and eco-friendly

What more is there that you could ask for if you’re looking for the safest option for bamboo flooring? They also offer an online experience that is close to unrivaled in the flooring industry and extremely easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

Green Building Supply is very transparent when it comes to their pricing and provides a great selection of images that help you visualize what the bamboo floors can look like in different spaces.

Based on all of these reasons, we believe that your best bet is turning to Green Building Supply when considering bamboo floors for your space when looking for the most eco-friendly option.

Runner Up

Cali Bamboo’s Low-VOC Bamboo Floors

Why we chose it: As with our top choice, we’ll start off with the company’s story, which we loved learning about. Cali Bamboo was founded by two friends who were in Hawaii on a surfing trip when they interacted with bamboo while doing odd jobs and a light bulb went off: they should use bamboo as a building material.

The company started in 2004 building bamboo fences and the rest, as they say, is history. Cali Bamboo chooses to draw your attention to the renewable properties of bamboo. In addition, however, they have also worked to develop a line of bamboo floors that, when tested, register as “not detectable” when being measured for formaldehyde concentration.

Since the company is located in California, which is typically known to have laws and regulations that are much more stringent that other states, even their floors that have detectable levels of formaldehyde measure way under the limit placed on them by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Cali Bamboo offers an incredibly vast selection of shades and colors and don’t sacrifice durability for the sake of being eco-conscious. And the best thing about them: Cali Bamboo’s 50 year warranty!

Our favorite option, by far, was the Treehouse option. When you’re ready, be sure not to overlook Cali Bamboo for your eco-friendly bamboo flooring option.

Honorable Mention

Teragren CARB Phase II Compliant Bamboo Floors

Why we chose it: Teragren floors, which was acquired by Hallmark Floors in 2017 to expand it’s environmental sustainability offering, rounds out our list of eco-friendly bamboo flooring options. A company with a reputation for sourcing from and manufacturing with only the most compliant and sustainable materials, Teragren offers a wide range of bamboo floors that are perfect for those looking to go with a “green” option.

The reason we could not leave them out of the list is because of Teragren’s incredible reputation and commitment to producing floors that are compliant with the most stringent indoor air quality regulations around. Their bamboo floors emit significantly less formaldehyde than what is expected by CARB.

You can find Teragren’s bamboo floors around the country at a wide range of dealers, but are unable to purchase directly on their site.

What you need to know is, Teragren’s bamboo flooring products are responsibly sourced, responsibly manufactured and assembled, and available in color options that are sure to give your space a premium look.

Wrap up

While your bamboo flooring decision is ultimately up to you, we wanted to make sure that you knew of the options you had available to you in case you were unsure you could find the safest options when it comes to this flooring type.

From completely formaldehyde-free to ultra low-emitting, these companies are at the front of the pack when considering eco-friendliness.